In The Summertime, Cover Songs & Dirty Laundry


Summertime came and went in 14 seconds flat – ZOOOOM – gone.

Kind of like every job I’ve ever had.

Now I work (happily) for a company who’s name sounds like a porn start up.

Life is good :)

So, I’ve got a few things to rant about from the adventures of Elijah…

In The Summertime

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime Cover

Remember Mungo-friggin-Gerry?

I may have recorded a cover song of In The Summertime and rumor has it, it might be releasing this week on Halycon Records.

Am I nervous? Heck yes.

This is the first track I’ve ever released officially as a solo artist (not using an alias or recording with a band).

I’m 31 in 3 weeks – took a while, eh?

Anyways, here’s the link for Halycon Records’ fan page. Click like and get notified when it releases.

Hit play and enjoy!

Cover Songs

Ace of Base

This cover song isn’t the first. Back in December my band and I did a cover of Ace of Base – All That She Wants.

We played it at the legendary el Mocambo for a fundraiser I did.

We also gave away a gun as the grand prize.

It was cool.

Dirty Laundry


So Veronica and I are married, and we’ve been thinking about buying a business in the future (not online).

I love getting paid to sit down, but I also realize the benefits of moving around and stuff.

We started thinking about things that suck and how we could make them better.

Laundry sucks.

How can we make laundry better?

And the answer is to make going to a laundromat kick ass.

Laundromats are always sketchy, no wi-fi and crappy magazines to pass time.

What if laundromats were awesome?

See where I’m going?


What do you think of my typing style today?

Short bursts of thought versus structured run on sentences that use commas, hyphens and colons to set the pace.

I just asked you 4 questions in the last 20 seconds, are you ready to answer?



Remember When “Bum Marketing” Was Cool?

I’m sitting on the couch, surfing through webmaster tools and noticed that one of my reeeeaaaallly old school blog posts is ranking for something…

9 Things You Need To Be Successful At Bum Marketing

Remember when bum marketing was cool????? 

Now those of you who were in the affiliate marketing trenches back in 2007-08 (my first ever blog post) know exactly what I’m talking about! The concept of bum marketing was essentially making money online using nothing but free tools, services and resources. And like so many techniques and ebook-packaged systems, it peaked then fizzled away into yesterdays method.

It got me thinking about how much the Internet has changed in the last 5 years, and more importantly, how many hours I’ve spent obsessing over this idea that I can master its web.

What’s different?

Right now, it’s words like social media strategy and conversion optimization that are consuming every waking hour of my day. Though I’m still on the same adventure, the stakes are a lot higher in 2012. Competition is fierce and Google is getting smarter by the week it seems.

Being a blogger at heart, social media has always been a part of my lifestyle. The first time I used instant messaging (ICQ) was in 1997 at a friends house, who was also the guitarist in my very first band. Consequentially, that night was also my first time getting drunk – funny how that works.

I was instantly hooked (to the web).

What is your earliest memory of the web? 

I’d love to hear it about it!

Oh – and if it involves hookers in Thailand or midget IT guy who charged you five bucks to “surf the web” in a shed behind his uncles restaurant, I promise I wont laugh.

Spill it,


Late Night Ramblings From a Dusty Chair

Dusty ChairI’m so happy that January is over. 

It’s always been one of those months where I sit around and wait for something to go bad – and it usually does (funny how that works).

December is full of hope, wishful thinking and forgiveness. January is full of self doubt, maniacal inner dialogue and the constant drone of late night reruns.

Freelancing the stone.

I’ve been picking up on the freelance work after a long hiatus. Is it because I need the money? Always. Is it because I miss being able to pick and choose the websites I work on? For sure. Is it because I miss pretending to be a web designer? Fuck yes.

I just finished a website for my good friend and DJ – PunjaycaN – as well as started developing a sleek eCommerce site for a custom men’s wear start up.

It’s great that I get salary (plus perks) working at a big league web agency, but I can only go so long before I get that itch to dip back into the freelance trenches for a quick bite to eat.

I’ve always had a romanticized relationship with freelancing and the freelance lifestyle :)

Keeping up with the web.

The web is on fire. Megaupload has been down for weeks and Facebook is going public. A huge portion of my job is keeping up to date and well read on key industry shifts.

But man, it’s been hard keeping up in the first month of 2012!

I can only imagine the speed of information 5 years from now. Pretty soon we’ll need to have RSS feeds zapped wirelessly to a chip in our brains.

Watch out for cranial invaders.



Next: Get Google AdWords Certified.

Google AdWords CertifiedSo September has come and gone pretty quick, and I figured it was about that time for me to step back into my blogging shoes and broadcast my life (and musings) to the interwebs once again.

It’s been almost 5 months since I put my at-home business aside and started working for a “big league” web agency as their resident SEO / social / copy writing ninja. Even though the company would be considered small compared to some of their competitors (there’s about 30 employees) the business we do is BIG.

Big clients, big money and big expectations. Definitely a major shift from the offline / local business game I was rocking for the last 2 years. It’s like night and day.

So one of the things I’ve been doing a lot of (since day one) is managing our internal Google AdWords campaigns – which I’ll admit I didn’t have much experience with going into this position.

Though my PPC skill level has increased immensely in the last few months, I still feel that I need to take that extra step and become AdWords Certified so we can start offering campaign management to our existing and new clients – and bring in more revenue.

Makes sense, right?

I talked to the boss (who’s my age) and told him exactly what I just wrote – and his reply was “Cool. Find out what courses you need and the process for getting certified. Let’s do it. “My reply was something along the lines of “sweet!”

So as of October I’m going to be studying to take the AdWords Certification tests. The way it works is you complete the study modules at your own pace and take 2 tests at $50 a pop. Once I become certified as an individual (and get the little badge to put on our website) then the company will be able to get certified as a whole.

I’m pretty pumped!

Anyways – that’s what’s going on with me these days! I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress and post up any interesting AdWords techniques/tricks I discover along the way :)

Maybe create my own course down the road? lol…



Midnight Inspirational Video Action

Hey peeps,

Just wanted to touch base with a little midnight-inspirational-video-action from my good man Gary Vaynerchuk. I love his intensity, honesty and “common way” of explaining his theories and what’s happening to companies and consumers.

The concept of the thank you economy really rings a bell with me. Marketing and consumerism is going back to giving a shit about your target market, word of mouth domination (via the social media) and how this is all impacting businesses around the world.

If you haven’t watched this video yet, I encourage you take the time to absorb what he’s saying.

Off to bed!

Hope you’re all doing well – I’m turning 30 this weekend, so it’s important I get sleep and prep my liver for the damage a shall inflict :)



Reminder: Your Most Valuable Asset is You

We want youI love when I get inspired by fellow bloggers and random online people during my day-to-day scuffles on the interweb. Those unexpected moments of inspiration, if harnessed and absorbed, will turn into a full tank of optimistic fuel that will CRUSH whatever challenges or goals lay dormant ahead.

Earlier this afternoon I was eating lunch (at my desk) and snapped a quick pic to blast on Facebook. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I looked at the picture I posted up and realized that I’m no longer working at home on the roller coaster of self-employment.  How I managed to snag a job doing what I do – internet marketing and blogging – is beyond me, or at least that’s what I initially felt right then and there.

For you to fully understand where I’m going with this, let me break a few things down…

Last October I wrote a post called How to Keep Your Hustle on Point in 2011, and one thing that’s always stuck out for me is the topic of you being your most valuable asset, personal branding and putting your face “out there”, because you never know WHO is watching you [online].

Now I’m not exactly the type who practices everything I rant about, but I’d like to think that the art of “putting it out there” is in my DNA.

Thinking back, it all kind of makes sense. From quitting my job to learning the necessary skills to advance in the industry, I’ve always positioned myself for who I am rather than what I can do, to get to the next level. Here’s a little timeline:

2003, 2004 – I got accepted into music school without a demo or formal training because I sold them on my dedication and years of self-teaching.

2004, 2006 – I started selling myself and my music and collaborating with artists all over the globe via Myspace without ever releasing an album.

2007, 2008 – I quit my job, started a blog and positioned myself to bloggers and marketers who were already experienced, and in turn taught me what they know.

2009 – I started several web businesses without any credibility and relied on my word and ability to not sleep for 30+ hours to get me by.

2010 – I connected with a local SEO expert on a personal level, who in turn took me under his wing and schooled me on the wonderful world of search marketing.

2011 – I positioned myself and my informal, real world experience to a web agency who gave me an opportunity to do my thing (with salary and perks).

As I read what I’ve just typed, it amazes me that a guy who dropped out of 12th grade twice, drank his way through music school (and graduated) and enjoys talking about midgets and mushrooms has made it this far. I mean, the ride isn’t anywhere close to being over but I think I’d like to stay on for a few more rounds before I get off [the Ferris wheel].

I am my most valuable asset, and guess what… So are you! If you’re not getting ahead or the opportunities don’t seem to be lining up the way you’d like them to, stop trying to get by on what you can do and start showing people who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Know what I mean?

I’m not even sure, but I know I feel better now that I’ve blasted these thoughts onward, into the infoverse.